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Is thread spray Teflon suitable for all plating?

Spray Teflon on the surface of the workpiece, that is, spray Teflon on the surface of the workpiece to achieve the predetermined purpose and effect. Therefore, this operation is called Teflon spraying. Wondering if thread spraying Teflon is suitable for all plating, Pinjin tells you:

What are the benefits of spraying PTFE on threads?

There are some advantages to spraying Teflon on threads that otherwise would not have been done. The advantages are: resistance to salt spray and environmental protection, and uniform torque. In addition, there can be different colors to distinguish and identify, to prevent misuse. Furthermore, if this thread is used in water, the attachment of aquatic organisms can also be avoided.

Can Teflon be sprayed after all electroplating operations?

The answer to this question is not necessarily, because it also depends on the type of electroplating. Not all electroplating layers can be sprayed with PTFE, and some coatings cannot. Generally speaking, electroplating with light effect can be used to spray PTFE, and it has a good spraying effect.

What is worth noting about spray iron and fluorocarbon?

The things that should be paid attention to in the use of spraying Teflon are to pay attention to what surface treatment has been carried out on the surface of the workpiece, what is the sintering temperature of the coating, and how to control the coating well. As for the drying time of the coating, it depends on the type of coating.

Is the Teflon material only sprayed in this way? After spraying Teflon and Teflon, how much low temperature can the aluminum plate withstand?

From the current point of view of Teflon, Seflon has two forms of liquid and powder, so in terms of operation methods, in addition to spraying, there are other operation methods. Specifically, according to the coating method. layer requirements. The aluminum plate is sprayed with iron fluoride, which can withstand low temperature environments, -270 degrees Celsius.