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Spraying Method Of Teflon Coating

At present, in the work of Teflon spraying, the relevant paint purification equipment (product surface purification treatment), spraying equipment (spray gun, compressed air), baking equipment (a high temperature furnace of 450 degrees) and other equipment. Today, let’s learn about the spraying methods of Teflon coating?

The first: dispersion coating

The machining method of dispersion coating is to make the coating material evenly distributed in the solvent to form a dispersion liquid, and a kind of wet machining in which the solid substance is mixed in the liquid. This mixture is atomized by high pressure air and sprayed onto the workpiece surface.

The second type: powder coating

Is the powder coating process a dry process? The coating material used here is in the form of extremely fine solid particles. Using this coating method avoids the use of solvents and the subsequent dispersion that occurs when the coating is attached. The machining uses an appropriate method to attach the micronized coating particles to the workpiece, and then the coated micronized powder is melted in an oven.

The powdery particles of powder spraying are blown from the trap by compressed air, and there is a section of electrostatically charged area on the way to the nozzle of the spray gun. Because the particles are equally charged, they repel each other on their flight path and form a uniform cloud-like spray. The workpiece to be sprayed is grounded whereby an electrostatically charged area is created between the gun and the workpiece.

Powder melting has a principled difference between high temperature spraying and low temperature spraying in coating technology. For example, the temperature of the high-temperature spraying substrate is higher than the melting temperature of the powder material. The machining method of low temperature spraying is that the temperature of the substrate is lower than the melting temperature of the powder material. The melting is then carried out in an oven.

The benefits brought by the surface of the working parts in the Teflon spraying process work, Teflon spraying brings the quality and safety guarantee to the workpiece to a certain extent, the main reason is that Teflon spraying can make the surface of the workpiece wear-resistant and resistant. A wide variety of special properties such as heat, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, sealing, lubrication, insulation, radiation and room radiation.