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The difference between metal paint and spray!

Talking about the difference between metal baking paint and plastic spraying! The so-called baking paint is general spray paint, which is only cured by baking; the so-called powder electrostatic spraying is powder coating. When the workpiece is connected to an external DC power supply as the cathode, the spray gun is a special anode with corona discharge efficiency. When spraying, the powder coating The positive charge is sprayed from the nozzle by the spray gun, and is deposited on the workpiece by the action of the external electric field. After the spraying action is completed, it is baked in the oven to cure. Baking paint generally has more than 2 layers, and spray plastic is generally on the workpiece, and it is a conductor workpiece, or it is applied on the electrophoretic primer.

Spraying is generally used on indoor workpieces.

However, with the development of plastic spray technology, many cars have adopted powder electrostatic coating technology, because of its environmental protection (very low VOC), high utilization efficiency, and high degree of automation.

The film hardness and adhesion of spray paint are higher than that of baking paint, but the appearance brightness of baking paint is better. In addition, the pre-treatment of the two is not the same. The baking paint generally needs to be pickled and phosphated to increase the adhesion of the coating film, thereby improving the anti-corrosion ability, while the spraying only needs to be rust removal treatment (mass production adopts shot blasting treatment. ) can be used.

Talking about the difference between metal baking paint and plastic spraying!

  1. The gloss and roughness of spray plastic are worse than that of baking paint;
  2. Plastic spray is generally thicker than spray paint;
  3. The adhesion and corrosion resistance of spray plastic are better than that of baking paint;
  4. The curing temperature of spray plastic is 180 degrees higher, and static electricity is generally used when spraying powder, and the temperature of baking paint is generally lower than 80 degrees;
  5. The surface treatment of plastic spraying can be simple, no primer is needed, and the primer should be used when spraying paint;
  6. The wear resistance of varnished boards is not good, because their surfaces are smooth, so scratches in use will leave traces on the panels;
  7. The paint board has good water and moisture resistance;
  8. The high temperature resistance of varnished boards is average, because they will change color after being heated, but after a few minutes, they will be greatly improved and they can basically return to their original state.

Talking about the difference between metal baking paint and plastic spraying! Today, the editor of Saifu will share this with you. Both are used for appearance and protection, but baking paint is generally used for higher appearance requirements. Of course, high-grade metal plastic powder can also be used to make the appearance of cars, but generally the surface of tools prefers to be sprayed. At present, varnished boards are mostly used for cabinet making, and some decorative finishes and furniture have begun to use varnished boards, but the overall amount is not expected to be replaced by other new decorative materials soon.