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The Field And Classification Of Teflon (PTFE Parts) Products

Teflon is a new material after being stretched vertically and horizontally with a large number of pores in it. It can be compounded with other fabrics to make smoke and dust solid phase anti-corrosion filter bags or good waterproof, breathable, wind-proof and warm rain gear sportswear, cold-proof sportswear clothing, special protective clothing and light tents, compressed air for pharmaceutical use, sterile filtration of various solvents, and filtration of high-purity gases in the electronics industry.

  • Pipes and fittings: pure PTFE pipe; PTFE lined pipe; externally wound fiberglass steel pipe; steel composite flange
  • Chemical container lining: PTFE lined kettle; PTFE lined tank; PTFE lined tower;
  • Heat exchanger
  • Corrugated expansion tube
  • Main components of valves and pumps
  • Steel wire reinforced full pressure hose
  • Filter material.


  • Static sealing: interlayer gasket; seat belt; elastic sealing belt;
  • Dynamic seal (braided packing, annular seal): V-shaped seal body – used for shaft, piston rod, valve; inner seal of turbo pump; composite seal ring of PTFE and rubber; with bellows Retractable mechanical seal.

load bearing

  • Filled Teflon bearings, used in food, chemical, paper, and textile machinery
  • Porous copper-impregnated fluoroplastic metal bearings can be used normally under high temperature and high pressure dry friction and vacuum conditions;
  • Bearing lining made of composite fabric blended with Teflon fiber and glass fiber or other fibers of Teflon fiber bearing, which is used for low speed and high load;
  • Filling Teflon piston rings, guide rings, machine guide rails and bridge sliders


  • Class C insulating material for wires and cables;
  • The sheaths of the stator and rotor water pipes and thermocouples of the double-water inner-cooled turbo-generator;
  • Microwave insulating materials for high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency communication equipment and radar;